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Art Koff, CEO/Founder of is our media contact. He is a senior in his 80's who graduated from Dartmouth College and did his postgraduate work at the University of Chicago Executive Program. Art started his career with the Chicago Sun Times after which he spent almost 40 years in advertising.

Art has made presentations at local, national, and international association meetings, conventions and trade shows. He has appeared on national television and been quoted as an authority on senior issues and new developments that affect recruiting older workers in the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Money Magazine, Fortune, most major newspapers and via countless Websites.

Art’s book Invent Your Retirement Resources for the Good Life, published by Oakhill Press, is a complete reference guide for those planning retirement and for retirees themselves.  His new eBook Lifetime Planning Guide for Boomers & Seniors  sells for $4.95. Contact Art directly (312 787-6611) for a free copy.

If you are interested in an interview with Art on senior issues and the challenges faced by older Americans or issues pertaining to you may contact him by calling 312 787-6611 or clicking here.

Fox News interivew of Art Koff with the subject job hunting tips for folks over 50.


Art Koff's interview on Israel National Radio addressing areas to cover prior to retiring overseas.

National Press Club Segments: The Impact of America's Senior Population

A research survey conducted by Allstate and presented by the National Journal and The Atlantic was discussed by experts including Lee Hammond, President, AARP, Terry Savage, Columnist, Chicago Sun-times, Jeff Goldsmith, President Health Futures and moderated by Clive Crook, Senior Editor, The Atlantic and Ronald Browstein, Editorial Director National Journal.

The audience was composed of journalists, congressional staffers, executives from business and associations and questions from the audience were addressed to panel members.

Additional Segments:

Financial Challenges Faced By Older Americans

Large Health Care Costs for Retirees

Background RetiredBrains


The U.S. State Department Website provides its users with information and links
to RetiredBrains in areas of "Temporary & Part-Time Jobs," "Jobs for Seniors" and
"Articles Regarding the Job Search."

"Employers have hiring freezes and have projects that need to be done" says Art Koff, founder of Older workers who don't need benefits can save the company money. Although full-time job postings have declined on Koff's Web site, project job postings have increased over the past year.

Start a new business is not for everyone, especially later in life. “My experience and research has shown that many seniors invest money in businesses in which they have little knowledge of experience,” said Art Koff, who started, an information clearing house and job board for older boomers and seniors in 2003. “They often find they have seriously underestimated the amount necessary and have to invest more than they intended or can afford.”

“Many employers are finding that hiring older workers provides them with a number of benefits both financially and in terms of productivity” said Arthur Koff, Chicago based founder of  “The work ethic of older workers is often what sets them apart from their younger counterparts.”

Unlike RetiredBrains, many other sites for older workers so far offer only career information and other content rather than direct access to job openings. But a few have bigger ambitions. posts thousands of jobs across the U.S., as well as links and contact information for seniors interested in volunteering with nonprofits. The site offers other resources including resume-writing help and information on continuing education. Managers and professionals who have retired are mostly looking for part-time or temporary jobs and these are exactly the kinds of assignments that companies are looking for seniors to fill.

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