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About Us

Art went up on the Net in July of 2003 as a job and information resource for boomers, retirees and people planning their retirement years. The site has become the premier destination for reaching updated content and information on just about every subject of interest to the 45-70 age group and includes thousands of links to sites that provide more in depth information.

The site was founded by Art Koff, a senior in his 80’s, who provides the perspective older Americans are seeking. The functionality is clear and straightforward and set up to provide information as its primary purpose. Art continues to monitor RetiredBrains and contribute content regularly.

Art can be seen regularly as an authority on the challenges of an aging population and on the topic of retirement. He is interviewed regularly by many of the leading publications of today (Retired Brains in the News) and on both radio and TV.  Art has also written "Invent Your Retirement" a resource guide to help anyone preparing for retirement and those that are already retired.

Direct advertisers and ad agencies interested in marketing services or products to boomers, retirees and Americans planning their retirement should contact, call 312 787-6611 or write for a rate card of more information:
Retired Brains LLC
610 N. Fairbanks
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Chicago, IL 60611
RetiredBrains® is the premier destination for boomers, retirees, people planning their retirement and Americans caring for older family members.
Older Americans are open to traditional marketing and e-marketing, as long as the message is coming from a source or brand they know and trust.
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♦ 78% 45-65 years of age Health Care Employment Assistance
22% 65 + years of age Senior Living Medicare - Social Security
Visitors tend to have a higher than average income and are more likely to have a college or
graduate degree than the average Net user.
Our founder, Art Koff, continues to be seen as an authority on the topic of retirement and a resource
continually called upon by many of the leading publications of today (Retired Brains in the News). 
Art is the author of "Invent Your Retirement" a resource guide to help anyone preparing for retirement.
"Seniors alone account for 78 million people in the US and control
more than 83% of consumer spending."
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