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hire part-time senior employees

Hire Part-Time
Senior Employees

Boomers & "older workers" are more cost effective

Must read MarketWatch article
14 Tips and Resources for Finding Work in Retirement.

           (Particularly for part-time and temporary assignments)

The number of older workers in the workforce is not only growing, it is growing faster than any other age group and older Americans want to continue working. 79% of respondents in our survey indicate they will not retire until age 65. Few employers are preparing for the coming retirement of boomers from their workforce in the great numbers that are predicted. As boomer retire a great deal of experience and knowledge as well as familiarity with the company culture will be lost.

Most employers have not yet instituted programs to retain these boomers and even fewer employers have put programs in place to recruit retiring boomers with the needed experience and knowledge to fill their needs on a temporary basis. Keeping retiring employees on a temporary, part-time, flex-time or seasonal basis is a cost effective partial solution to up and coming workforce challenges.

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