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 12 reasons employers should consider hiring boomers & older workers on a part-time or temporary basis or for project assignments:
  1. It is usually not necessary to pay company benefits like health care insurance.
  2. Temporary/part-time workers can be off-boarded with comparatively little or no cost.
  3. If your company has a hiring freeze, hiring temporary/part-time employees usually comes from a different budget.
  4. Older workers generally require less training.
  5. Older workers have lower absenteeism.                                  
  6. Older workers tend to be more punctual.
  7. Older workers have a better commitment to quality.
  8. Older workers possess superior customer service skills.
  9. Older workers have better people skills.
  10. Older workers are more eager to learn new skills.       
  11. Older workers have a positive attitude.
  12. Most temporary, part-time and project based employees do not require unemployment insurance coverage.

Hire Boomer & Senior Employees

2016 estimates of health care insurance premium costs per employee are $11,484.
        Another good reason to hire on a project,  temporary or part-time basis.

Boomers & "older workers" are more cost effective

The number of older workers in the workforce is not only growing, it is growing faster than any other age group and older Americans want to continue working. 79% of respondents in our survey indicate they will not retire until age 65. Few employers are preparing for the coming retirement of boomers from their workforce in the great numbers that are predicted. As boomer retire a great deal of experience and knowledge as well as familiarity with the company culture will be lost.

Most employers have not yet instituted programs to retain these boomers and even fewer employers have put programs in place to recruit retiring boomers with the needed experience and knowledge to fill their needs on a temporary basis. Keeping retiring employees on a temporary, part-time, flex-time or seasonal basis is a cost effective partial solution to up and coming workforce challenges.

Tips to keep your contingent workforce loyal
Do not encourage a ‘them’ and ‘us’ attitude in your team and stamp it out if you see any evidence of such attitudes.  By treating your contingent workers as part of your team rather than as outsiders, you’ll make them feel like they are valued. So invite them to team meetings or briefings, include them on team communications, give them access to the company Intranet, and invite them to any team social events.

For more information click Contingent Workforce

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Growth of workers 50+

The number of workers under age 50 will decrease by 3% from 2002 to 2022 while the number of workers age 50+ will increase by 62%.

huge increase in temporary jobs



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