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Temporary and Part-Time Jobs

Search for a job using Snag-a-Job         
Click on the appropriate link below to start your job search and view thousands of jobs now available throughout the U.S.  By registering with Snagajob, you can get personalized local jobs sent directly to your inbox enabling you to apply immediately using your on file profile.

            Temporary Jobs
            Part-time Jobs
            Seasonal Jobs
            Project Based Jobs
            Full-time Jobs

To search for jobs near you, enter your geographic area in the “where” field in the search bar.   Then type the kind of job you wish to find.  On the search results page, you can further refine your job search by company, category, industry, or job title using the filters to the left of the results

5 Ways to Beat Age Discrimination in Hiring
Here's how to present your age as a strength, not a weakness.

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Search Jobs using TempAndPartTimeJobs                 
1. Click here and enter the appropriate job descriptive information in the keywords box, location box and search radius box.
2. If you wish you can search by job title only by clicking search job title only.
3. You may also search by company, exact phrase or by category.
4. Once you have registered register here you can set a job alert so the system will notify you when an appropriate job is posted. You can do this as part of a search just by running any job search and then click the “Save Search” button at the top of the search results. 

Doing this will result in a pop up box display which allows you to name your saved search (for example, “Sales jobs in Chicago”) and set the frequency you would like to receive the email alerts of any jobs that match your criteria.  You can choose to have the alerts emailed to you on a daily or weekly basis.  If you would rather log back into your account to check on the results than receive an email, you can select never from the drop down menu.

Give it a try click here  or Search part-time jobs, Search seasonal jobs, Search temporary jobs, Search full time jobs or Add your resume   

Must read MarketWatch article 14 Tips and Resources for Finding Work in Retirement. 
Very much appropriate for workers of all ages.

These pages provide content for people looking for employment and include a link to our job search engine and information to help you in your job search. Whether you are seeking a temporary, part-time, seasonal job or project assignment, or would like to post your resume or set a job alert to notify you should a job be posted that matches your experience and interests, this area is the place to look. All these services are free and although we would like you to register, it is not necessary that you do so.

According to a CareerBuilder survey forty-five percent said they will look for work post-retirement. Among those who do plan on working after retiring, consulting, retail and customer service work are the most popular disciplines.

The survey also provided good news for workers looking for employment at the end of their careers. Fifty-three percent of employers plan to hire mature workers (age 50+) in 2014.

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