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Products for Seniors

No one is interested in having a hassle when they purchase a product but boomers and seniors in particular want the entire process to be easy. Simplicity and problem free ordering, no problems with delivery and if a return is necessary make the process easy.

A convenient toll free phone number for customer service, complaints and to solve problems is a must. Boomers and seniors are less likely to "experiment" with unknown products. They like to do business with companies that have trustworthy reputations and are often more interested in reliability than price. Pushy sales people flashy ads are a turn off. Boomers and seniors look for comfort before style and innovation and usability are priorities.

Older Americans use and need a great many products and services that are geared to their needs and wants. From bathroom aids to assisting in getting in and out of the tub, to walkers and canes, to devices to help hear better or to alert security after a fall.
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There are products to assist people with arthritis, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and incontinence; products to help you walk, sleep, hear, communicate, read and live more comfortably.

Some are for around the house: the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and some are for outdoors, traveling, driving, exercising and safety or general ease of living.

They fall into many categories and some are listed below:

Alzheimer's Products   Garden Products
Automobiles & Auto Accessories   Health/Fitness/Medical Products
Bathroom Products   Eye care/Hearing/Foot/Joint
Books   Hearing Products
Clothing   Household Products
Comfort Products   Kitchen Products
Educational Products   Mobility & Lift Helpers
Electronics Products   Pet care Products
Emergency Contact Products   Safety Products
Exercise Products   Security Products

The best way to search for boomer and senior oriented products like those listed above is to go to, or and enter "products for boomers and seniors" in the search term area. A list of sites and retailers that offer thousands of selections will come up. To narrow this search you could enter "products for boomers and seniors bathroom" or "products for boomers and seniors mobility". Of course AARP the Magazine and the AARP Bulletin not only have pages of ads for boomers and seniors focused products, but also have monthly articles that evaluate both products and services. You can also go to and search the site for products and services.

Reach a list of toll free numbers.

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