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Work at Home

 According to the U.S Census Bureau  the number of Americans who work primarily from home rose 38% over the past 20 years and now stands at 10 million people.

This section covers working from home and working at home both for yourself and for employers who hire workers to work remotely.  It also covers creating  home based businesses. There is also is a good deal more information on our Start Your Own Business section including a list of many successful small business enterprises which require little or no startup capital) that were started by some of our visitors.

Working from home for yourself is much different from working for companies that hire remote workers. People who successfully work from home on a part-time schedule need a certain amount of self-discipline and ability to work independently without supervision and without the interaction of co-workers.

Avoid Scams / Do Your Research
Includes: avoiding scams, list of virtual jobs & descriptions, doing your research, list of what has worked for others.

Want to Work at Home?  Do Your Research!
Unfortunately in the area of work at home there are many companies that make offers that sound enticing but are not legitimate and are designed to separate you from your hard earned money. According to a recent survey by the Investor Protection Trust, one out of every 5 citizens over the age of 65 has been the victim of a financial scam.

We encourage you to carefully investigate any business and particularly those that require substantial investment on your part. Check with the Better Business Bureau and if possible others that have invested in this businesses. Google the company and see what people are saying.

Tips for avoiding work at home scams
  • Don't give personal information like bank account and Social Security  to anyone you don't know. This is how scammers get information for ID fraud.
  • Get information up front. Find out the physical location of the company: address, phone number, name of the CEO, and their mission statement. This will enable you to do a Corporation Check at the Secretary of State Office in your State. You can also use Google Maps for a quick check of the accuracy of their location. Be wary if you are only given a PO Box for the address.
  • Do not pay for information on the product or service that is being offered. if you are asked to pay up front money for a list of phone numbers or other things necessary to start earning these moneys it is probably a scam.
  • Steer clear of companies that offer to send you an “advance” on your pay. Con artists do this to get your bank information and set you up for bounced check scams.
  • Verify the information you have been given before proceeding. Don't sign documentation that requires periodic purchases.
  • Never send money or give out personal information. Anytime you are asked to pay any money in advance for anything or give anyone your social security, credit card or other personal information assume it is a scam.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau. If the company is local ask for a street address and check out the location.
  • Don't be pressured into accepting a job on-the-spot without being able to do your research.
Must read MarketWatch article 14 Tips and Resources for Finding Work in Retirement. 
Very much appropriate for workers of all ages.

Many boomers, seniors and retirees are looking for legitimate ways to work at home and earn money to enable them to live the lifestyle they had planned during their retirement years or bring in revenue to supplement what they are earning from their job.  Some are also looking for ways to create an income while they are in-between jobs.


There are many ways to use your interests and experience to work at home.  In some cases you can work for a company and in others you can work for yourself.


We have also included brief success stories from a number readers outlining the small businesses they started with little or no financial investment that are now turning a profit.  Click here to see a List Small Businesses Enterprises Started by Seniors and Retirees


10 Top Industries for Work-from-Home Jobs

Where are the Work-from-Home Jobs for Boomers, Seniors & Retirees?

In addition to job opportunities available for boomers & seniors outside of the home, working from home is a major source of income for older Americans. If you are comfortable working with a computer and the phone, telecommuting or working from home is a solid option. An understanding of technology would, in some cases, make you even more valuable.

Work-from-home “jobs” for boomers, seniors and retirees include full-time or part-time jobs, freelance and consulting jobs, and temporary or seasonal work.

According to data analyzed by the home-based job search service FlexJobs, 

The top 10 work from home jobs are as follows:

1. Sales

2. Medical & Health

3. Customer Service

4. Administrative

5. Computer & IT  

6. Education & Training

7. Web & Software Dev

8. Accounting & Finance

9. Manager

10. Research

Applying for Work-from-Home Jobs

Before you start applying for work-from-home jobs, consider the type of work you’d like to do from home. Do you want to work 100% from home, or would you like to get out of the house as well? For example, Sales is a field that allows you to work from home and do in-person visits, whereas Customer Service jobs will be done entirely from home. Know which you’d prefer and focus on those jobs.

Common Work-from-Home Job Titles
To give you an idea of the jobs you’re most likely to find if you want to work from home the FlexJobs research team has compiled a list of the 20 Most Common Work-from-Home Job Titles. The top 5 are listed below

1. Writer
2. Consultant
3. Customer Service Representative
4. Sales Representative
5. Engineer


For the entire list.

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