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Medical Transcription Jobs

medical transcription jobs

Medical coding and transcription can't always be performed at home, especially with strict privacy policies and guidelines. However, there are many companies that hire home-based workers with the skills and experience to provide both services. This is not a job for entry-level, inexperienced candidates. 

In most cases, in addition to the proper training, you must have your own computer, high-speed Internet access, and, where applicable, headphones and even a foot pedal.

In an effort to weed out the poor-quality schools, the American Association for Medical Transcription, in conjunction with the American Health Information Management Association, has been approving medical transcription schools based on the AAMT Model Curriculum.

There is a list of approved schools on the AAMT Web site. Go to and

Some companies also require you to have your own software; others will provide it. In addition to finding appropriate employers online by searching Google or the big job boards, you can check out the opportunities with,, and for home based job opportunities.

If you're interested in starting your own coding or transcription business, begin with medical offices in your area. Ask the doctors you know how they handle such tasks and offer to provide your services.

As with any new business, expect to get many rejections before you finally get a yes. Then remember, if you can get one yes, you can get two, then four and so on.

If you already have the skills check out these employers and staffing firms: (click on careers) (medical coding jobs)  (medical transcription jobs) (check job openings by state)

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